My 'instock' Mug designs start from £8.00 each.
One off mugs that need to be printed can be ordered from my site & start from £11.00 each plus £3.00 P&P.

You can view all mug wrap designs on my ZAZZLE & REDBUBBLE shops.
All mugs ordered from me are printed on a plain white
coffee mug.

Car Clubs - Bulk orders are welcome and can be quoted for.
Orders start from £7.00 each for 12 mugs.
Delivery charges apply and can be quoted with total
number of ordered mugs.

12 mugs - £7.00 each
24 mugs - £6.50 each
36 mugs - £6.00 each
72 mugs - £5.50 each
108 mugs - £5.00 each
144 mugs - £4.50 each
288 mugs - £3.50 each

Specially commissioned mug wraps are available.
One off design is £35.00, plus bulk order + delivery.

You can buy all my mug designs from my ZAZZLE shop. You can choose from different mug stlyes and can customize my designs. They make great gifts!
(Zazzle delivery charges will apply)

Please go straight to my Zazzle, RedBubble, Petrol Threads & Skreened shops to view all of my up to date and available T-Shirt designs.
All products are of a very high quality.
Use the SHOP QUICK LINKS above to go straight to my stores.

Prices start from £15.00, Visit my stores for full
details. Zazzle, RedBubble, Petrol Threads and Skreened prices will differ.

To order a Mug or place a bulk order direct from me,
please let me know what you want to order, via e-mail.
To pay for your items, I can perform a money request via
Paypal to your e-mail. Or for large bulk orders I can
discuss other payment options.

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MUGS - £8.00 each plus £3.00 UK delivery. (£5.00 Int delivery)

Air Cooled' Citroen GS, AMI 6, Dyane, 2CV
Amount left in stock - 4

T-SHIRTS - £10.00 each plus £3.00 UK delivery. (£5.00 int delivery)

"Different is Everything" Teal on plain white T-Shirt design.

Sizes available S / M / L / XL


You can buy my Mug and T-shirt designs from my Zazzle, RedBubble & Skreened stores.

Zazzle | My Zazzle store has a huge amount of different styles of mugs and tops to choose from. All my t-shirt designs are available from Zazzle. This store also gives you the opportunity to customise my designs and to personalise them. The products are of a very high quality, but please be carefull with the clothes sizes.

RedBubble | My RedBubble store is where you can buy T-shirts and Poster Art. You can buy selected T-shirt designs with the simple addition of changing the colour and size of the T-shirt or top you want to buy. Not all of my designs are available from this shop,shop.

Skreened | My Skreened shop simply sells my T-shirt designs. A wide range of exciting designs to choose from.

Petrol Threads | A selection of my 'explosion' designs are available to buy from this shop.

Wide range of sizes and styles for Men, Women and Children from all three stores.