How do I order?
Ordering a print is really easy. Simply let me
know what you would like to order via e-mail.
Please make sure you include which options you
would like, poster size and if you are an
international buyer. Buy it now buttons and
shopping basket are soon to be added.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

There are three choices of poster style to choose

STANDARD - No changes. Only addition of free number plate.

ALTERATION - This includes changes to an already
completed poster illustration. Body colour,
numberplate, wheel trims and other graphics can
be changed. Orientation, from landscape to
porttrait. Includes a change of background, or
you can chose a bespoke background option for
an extra £20.00.

COMMISSION - Completely new and bespoke peice of artwork.

How do I pay?
I prefer to send you an invoice with different payment options. BACS or Paypal is accepted. Once theartwork is to your satisfaction,
I'll then send your item once payment has cleared.

New ways to purchase are soon to be added. -
Under construction are buy it now buttons and
shopping basket -

E-mail |

Print -
At Auto-Graphics, I strive for each of my prints
to match the quality of the artwork I depict.
All prints are printed by proffessional printers,
on premium high gsm count satin paper.

Packaging -
All posters are sent in a tough carboard tube to
ensure your print arrives safely and not damged.

Framing -
Auto-Graphic prints are produced in standard paper sizes shown opposite. They are easy to frame either via the bespoke method or with off the shelf frames. Ribba and Stromby frames from Ikea suit my style of work, and of course they are
available world wide. All prints have a wide white
border to allow for mounting. So you can mount up
to the image, or crop the poster to suit your

If you have a frame in a particular size and want
to match the poster to it, then please contact me
with details and i'll be happy to help meet your

Where else can I buy Auto-Graphic Poster Art?

You can also check out my online stores at
Redbubble, Teespring, Ebay & Artflakes to find loads of other poster styles, sizes and framing options.
(Prices and stock availability will differ)

Teespring |
Here you can discover my classic car collections artwork, available as Posters, T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and cushions.
That's not all, you can personalise the background colours with all items so they will suit your taste.

Redbubble |
T-shirts, Posters & Cards and loads more, are available from my Redbubble store. There is a huge range of different product options to choose from.

Imagekind |
Posters and framed artwork and Canvases are
available from my Imagekind shop.

Artflakes |
Artflakes is a German art store where you can buy
my unique range original car postcards.

Ebay |
I mainly sell posters and stickers from my Ebay
shop. There is only a limited selection at any
one time, however, so you won't find everything
I have designed in stock.


Welcome to my collection of automotive poster illustrations.
A unique collection of highly detailed accurate illustrations
of iconic and modern classic cars. Art that celebrates these
timeless designs.

You might have owned one of these cars at one point, or aspire to own
a particular model one day. Whatever your association with them, Auto-Graphics collection of automotive art is a brilliant way for any car enthusiast to collect artwork of your favorite classic cars.

My artwork is unique in that it can be easily be customised to match the car you own, or even the car you
want to own. Browse my exciting poster prints using the POSTER LIBRARY link buttons directly above and
also introducing the new range of classic car collections which are 5 classics, illustrated in side profile
with basic colour infill. More information about available sizes, framing and postage fees can be found by
scrolling down the page.


A commission order is a complete bespoke
peice of artwork produced for you.
If there is something in particular you
would like, or want a special one off
peice as a gift, then all you have to do
is contact me with the details of your
commission, and I will be delighted to
help you.

Commissions include |

- Complete and new fresh artwork
illustrated from scratch.
- Choose landscape or portrait oreintation.
- Complete personalisation.
- Bespoke background for an extra fee.
Alternatively you can choose from a
selection of free designs.